How a Massage Can Improve Blood Circulation
How a Massage Can Improve Blood Circulation

Massage is a way for people who experience poor blood circulation to mitigate their discomfort. These people suffer from cold hands and feet, aches, itching, and fluid in extremities caused by the accumulation of lactic acid. The circulation of blood helps oxygen reach the tense muscles. However, the action moves blood into congested areas and spreads it all over the body. Massage releases the clotted blood by pushing the lactic acid, giving way to improvement in blood circulation. In addition, it removes the lymph fluid in the muscles and discards metabolic waste from the organs reducing blood pressure and improving body function. 

Types of appropriate massage to improve circulation?

There are many massage methods for improving blood circulation. Here are some common forms of massage.

  • Sport massage

The sports massage method is suitable for blood circulation. The form uses different techniques to help circulate blood and reduce pain. The massage can be intense, with firm pressure using fingers, causing friction and improving blood circulation. The friction acts as a stimulus for blood and lymphatic circulation. Improved circulation helps maintain muscle strength and remove body waste and toxins.

  • Swedish massage

The method improves blood circulation by gently pressuring your muscles, leading to physical and mental relaxation. Swedish massage is great for loosening muscle tension and tightness. The massage uses fingers to improve blood and lymph flow in the body. As a result, the circulation encourages healthier and stronger muscles leading to less fatigue and weakness.

  • Remedial massage

A remedial massage improves blood circulation by manipulating the muscles causing relaxation. The method stretches and loosens muscle fibers by adding pressure with fingers. As a result, the method improves muscle temperature, reduces muscle tightness and restriction, and encourages relaxation by decreasing pain.

The Many Ways Massage Increases Circulation

  • The Direction of Correction

Blood and lymph glide through the body, and applying pressure can help it move faster. The push helps the fluids move through congested areas, and massage is the easiest way. However, gliding and pressing alone do not do the trick. The direction of massage is necessary and should be focused towards the heart. Pushing in other directions may result in poor effect.

  • Vasodilation

Vasodilation is widening the vessels in the body, creating more space for easy flow. The body quickly widens the vessels when it is warm. The method cools and warms the body. Vasodilation uses cross-fiber friction to create room for your blood to flow through.

  • Emotional Relaxation

Stress is a primary cause of poor blood circulation and can spike blood pressure. Massage soothes stress, improves mood, lowers blood pressure, and encourages steady blood flow. The flow will distribute nutrients and oxygen to all body parts blocked by poor circulation. The massage will also improve your heart, brain, lungs, and muscle function. 

  • Improved Sleep

Massages release a happy chemical that can induce you to sleep. The chemical is known as melatonin which is the sleep hormone. Poor circulation affects sleeping patterns by depositing fatty acids in the arteries. The massage will keep out the fatty deposits while improving sleep quality.

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