5 Things To Consider When Dealing With Neck Injuries

5 Things To Consider When Dealing With Neck Injuries

People face minor neck discomfort at a certain time in life. The problem is caused by various factors like wear and tear, injury, or overuse. It is no surprise that people get the injury from sport, recreational activities, work, or projects that involve all-around body movement, especially the neck. Here are some things to consider when dealing with a neck injury.

1.    Neck injury is not only associated with car accidents.

Car accidents are the primary cause of neck injury. The injury results from the neck’s uncontrollable backward and forward movement during an accident. However, the injury can happen without an accident. A neck injury can be a result of a heavy fall, colliding in a sport like American football, boxing, gymnastic, football, etc.

2.    The force involved in the accident.

Neck injury severity depends on the movement of the body. The injury can happen even at a low speed of 10 mph. That’s why it is encouraged to be strapped when driving. A seat belt is created to restrain you during driving to be secured to a fixed position to avoid uncontrollable movement.

3.  The older we get, the more prone to neck injury.

The older we get, the more common the neck injury. People with premedical conditions such as arthritis are more affected by this injury. Body movement is restricted as we get old because the muscle is weak and stiff to allow sudden movement. The discs and ligaments are also rigidly fixed as we get old, so the sudden movement of the neck can cause neck injury.

4.    Don’t ignore symptoms.

Whiplash can result in a neck injury, occurring immediately or after a long while. Some people don’t notice symptoms of a neck injury after an accident, but when you feel any pain, don’t ignore it. Neck pain gotten from a minor accident should not be ignored. Consult your doctor to check the neck condition before it becomes severe. The doctor may run an x-ray and other tests to examine the conditions for any fractures or misalignments.

Neck pain can fade on its own with some time but if the condition persists or escalates or if you notice other effects like headaches, tiredness, shoulder pain, dizziness, and other symptoms, make sure to check with the doctor for further instruction. If a neck injury is left unattended, the condition may worsen to the vertebral, joints, disc, ligaments, muscle, and nerves surrounding the neck or upper back region. However, there are testimonies that people who suffer from a neck injury and are treated usually experience a full recovery.

5.    Neck injury gets worse from rest.

A neck injury is not to be carried around to prevent it from worsening or affecting the spine. When you have a neck injury, endeavor not to rest for some days to prevent the pain from worsening to the neck muscle, shoulder, and back which can prolong the pain. Go right away to the doctor and begin to use the neck as soon as the doctor says you can. The doctor may offer physical therapy or medication to help alleviate the pain.

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