Chiropractor West Linn OR Erin Bloom

Erin Bloom D.C.

Doctor Erin Bloom is a board-certified chiropractor who graduated from the University of Mary Washington and the University of Western States. She is also a certified animal chiropractor. However, her chiropractic journey first began when a truck hydroplaned into her car one stormy night.

Though Dr. Bloom felt fine immediately following her accident, she began to experience neck pain, stiffness, and persistent in the weeks after. 

She was prescribed pain medication and told she would eventually get better. As time went on, her grades began to suffer and her relationships became strained. It was only after a friend’s mother suggested she visit a chiropractor that Erin Bloom began to feel better. In fact, Dr. Bloom didn’t even know what a chiropractor was at that time! However, she kept her appointment and was told she had sustained whiplash from the accident. On top of that, she also had previous neck trauma from her years horseback riding.

Within one month’s time of chiropractic care, Erin had full range of motion in her neck and her pain, stiffness, and headaches were gone. Because this event had such an impact on her life, she has dedicated her energy to helping those who’ve also been in automotive accidents, so that they can enjoy the same relief she was able to.

Doctor Bloom evaluates the entire body to determine the root cause(s) in her unique approach. Her low-force manipulation, coupled with exercise, stretching, massage therapy, and laser therapy, help facilitate a rapid-healing within the body. This multi-faceted approach allows patients to achieve better health more quickly and gives them the tools to self-manage their condition.

Part of Dr. Bloom’s approach is the Five Phase Bio Structural Evaluation. This unique REVIVE Injury and Wellness examination process studies the five pillars of our physical structure to determine which are contributing to a patient’s injury and/or pain. Once the correlating structure(s) have been identified, Dr. Bloom works personally with her patients to create a special treatment plan designed to improve posture, function, strength, and mobility for the most optimal life possible.

Chiropractor West Linn OR Brittni Ramp

Brittni Ramp D.C.

Doctor Brittni Ramp graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Western States with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Masters in Exercise and Sport Science. She is also a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) and a certified animal chiropractor, who completed her undergraduate work at Oregon State University. Dr. Ramp managed a veterinary clinic soon after graduating from Oregon State but soon realized she wanted to work directly with people via a wholistic approach to care.

After Dr. Ramp’s first adjustment in chiropractic school, she noticed immediate improvement in her neck and upper back stress and tension. Her posture improved, she had fewer headaches, and she began sleeping better at night. Dr. Ramp seeks to share this knowledge with her patients, using a whole-body approach to uncover the true underlying causes of symptoms.

Doctor Ramp completed her internship with Dr. Erin Bloom in 2015, prior to joining the REVIVE team. She is an authority in understanding, diagnosing, and treating sports injuries, though she has also learned Dr. Bloom’s techniques for adjusting both horses and dogs. She enjoys teaching patients—and pet owners—that they don’t have to live with their pain and in fact can be a part of their own solution.

Chiropractic West Linn OR Jennifer Thompson Massage Therapist
Licensed Massage Therapist

Jennifer Thompson L.M.T.

Jennifer describes her massage technique as being a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage. Patients often appreciate Jennifer's ability to provide fluid massage strokes while still delivering deep pressure on problem areas. She believes the body should be treated as a whole and that everyone can benefit from receiving massage therapy.

Jennifer enjoys treating stress relief and low back pain the most because she tends to see the quickest results after just one session when treating those complaints. Her favorite treatment to receive at REVIVE is cupping therapy, cold laser therapy, and relaxation massage. Jennifer earned her massage education from the University of Western States in 2013 and was born and raised in Clackamas, Oregon. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys hiking, hunting, and exploring with her daughter. Jennifer is currently in network with Regence BCBS and First choice, she is also seeing supportive care patients.

Chiropractic West Linn Jamie Uzunkaya Massage Therapist
Licensed Massage Therapist

Jamie Uzunkaya L.M.T.

Jamie describes her massage technique as slow and steady.  She is a favorite in the clinic for her deep tissue techniques. She loves working on neck, shoulders, low back and feet. She finds these areas to be the most overused and stressed.  Her favorite treatments to receive at REVIVE is a massage and adjustment.

She massages all day long and her self-care is just as important! Jamie studied massage at Pioneer Pacific College in Wilsonville in 2008. She is born and raised in Oregon. In her spare time, she likes to spend it with family. She likes taking her dog on walks and going to the movies.


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As you can see from the above information, our chiropractors, massage therapists and health and wellness professionals are qualified and experienced to address your back or neck pain and overall health.

When you come to see our chiropractic and therapeutic massage team we look at your overall spine and musculoskeletal structure and evaluate your condition with our 5 Phase Bio-Structural Evaluation process. We address every client's unique situation and develop a course of treatment based on your individual needs.

We may recommend chiropractic treatments for your spine, neck and back. Massage therapy to help alleviate muscle pain and tightness. We may also recommend cold laser therapy which can be beneficial to reduce acute and chronic pain. We will also teach you stretches and exercise to help reduce muscle tightness, tension and pain in your back and neck. We also provide nutritional support and may recommend nutritional supplements to help with your unique situation.

Whether you've been injured in a car accident, have a sports or athletic injury, arthritis, headaches and migraines or have chronic pain and tension in your back and neck, our team of chiropractors, massage therapists and laser therapists are here to serve you.

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The Revive Injury and Wellness clinic is located in West Linn, Oregon and we serve the nearby communities of West Linn, Oregon City, Gladstone, Tualatin, Milwaukie, Wilsonville, Beavercreek, Canby, Molalla, Mulino, Clackamas, Willamette, Lake Oswego, and Happy Valley Oregon.

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