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Can Running Harm Your Knees?

Can Running Harm Your Knees?

Many think running harms the knees, whether you’re a veteran, newcomer, or poky runner. However, the case is the reverse, according to many studies. Studies conclude that distance running has no negative effect on most runners’ knees, but instead, they strengthen the areas causing sturdier joints and less damage than those not in sports. However,…

How Chiropractic Work Affects Other Issues in Your Body

How Chiropractic Work Affects Other Issues in Your Body

Most people think chiropractic care is only for pain relief, but that’s not the case. The care uses their hands or special instruments to work on joints which gives it the name joint or spinal manipulation. The treatment is to correct the body’s alignment and physical function. Besides healing pains, the care also gives healing…

How to Resolve Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

The ulnar nerve is the nerve that connects the neck to the fingers. The nerve is close to the ulna bone, which starts from the little finger to the forearm. The nerve is responsible for the forearm, ring, and little finger sensation. The length of the nerve creates several areas it can be affected. One…

Most Common Ankle Issues

Sports injuries are the major injuries to the ankle. However, non-athletes can also experience this problem. For example, you can feel pain or sprain your ankle from walking on irregular surfaces. What Causes Ankle Injuries? Ankle injuries result from twists. The twist may shift the ankle from its normal position resulting from wearing the wrong…

How a Massage Can Improve Blood Circulation

Massage is a way for people who experience poor blood circulation to mitigate their discomfort while relaxing.

Is a Prenatal Massage Safe?

A heavy belly can lead to a sore back, a rollercoaster that comes with pregnancy. Pregnant women are wondering about the effects of prenatal massage and if it’s safe.