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Our media video page is a collection of chiropractic care and healing videos our chiropractors have created over the years. You can view all of our videos here on this page or also view them on the Revive Injury & Wellness YouTube Channel 

West Linn Chiropractors Dr. Ramp & Dr. Anderson
West Linn Chiropractors Dr Ramp DC and Dr Anderson DC West Linn Chiropractic Care

Dr Ramp Introduction

In this video, West Linn Chiropractor and Owner of Revive Injury and Wellness introduces you to the chiropractic care services offered at Revive Injury and Wellness in West Linn, OR.

Dr Ramp Forearm Stretches

In this video chiropractor Dr. Ramp demonstrates forearm stretches to help alleviate forearm muscle tightness and pain

Dr Ramp Sleep Issues

In this video Dr Ramp discusses sleep issue and how consistent chiropractic care can help you get better sleep on a regular basis.

Dr Anderson | Tech Neck

In this video Dr. Andersontalks about Tech Nech or neck stiffness and pain caused by sitting at a computer all day. Chiropractor Dr. Anderson offers some advice and stretches to help with Tech Neck.

What to Do When You Throw Your Back Out

In this video chiropractor, Dr. Anderson talks about what to do when you throw your back out.

How to Stand Up Without Hurting Your Back

In this video Dr Anderson, a chiropractic doctor at Revive Injury and Wellness demonstrates how to stand up properly without hurting your back.

Dr Ramp | TMJ Jaw Pain

West Linn Chiropractor Dr. Ramp DC talks about TMJ jaw pain, how chiropractic care can help with TMJ, and demonstrates several exercises to help relieve TMJ pain.

Dr. Anderson | Supine Pelvic Tilts

In this video chiropractor Dr Anderson DC demonstrates supine pelvic tilt exercises to help alleviate back pain and low back stiffness.

Dr Ramp | Cold Laser Therapy

Dr Ramp DC talks about the benefits of Cold Laser Therapy and demonstrates how cold laser therapy works.