The Best Posture Exercises for Back and Neck Pain

Did you know that oftentimes a simply exercise could help alleviate some of your back and neck pain? If you sit at your desk every day working on your laptop or office document, there is a chance you’re feeling discomfort in some parts of your body. Most parts of the body that easily fall victim are the neck and back. This discomfort causes pain to the neck and back after sitting for too long. The pain starts from bad posture. By now, we have heard of the consequences of bad posture. The act affects your muscle, back, bones, and internal organs. However, good posture can help. To have a proper posture requires skills and technique. A good posture is not only about sitting up straight and aligning your shoulders but also requires adequate training and skill—back pain results from over-flexing the back and neck muscle that holds your body upright. However, when you start to experience these pains, there are simple exercises that can lower back and neck pain.

Standing Exercises

Standing exercise is simple. You can do it anywhere, whether in a train station, elevator, or standing in a queue or office kitchen. They are few but effective for these pains. 

  • Reverse High Five – Stand firm and lift your shoulders toward your ears while you remain relaxed. Ensure the palms are in reverse, touching each other like a double high five. Enjoy the exercise for ten minutes and relax before repeating it. 
  • Chest Opener – The open chest works with your hands clasped against your back. Stretch them toward the floor and away from your back. Flatten the chest and raise your head to ensure the stretching affects the chest area. Keep them steady for five minutes before releasing and repeating the track.

Seated Exercises

You can relax in your seat while you perform these exercises. Use any office desks, armchairs, or stools to strengthen your back and neck muscles.

  • Goalpost Squeeze – Sit upright and lift your arms to form a goal post shape. Make sure your elbows align with your shoulders at a 90-degree angle. Relax your shoulders and stretch the blows toward the back. Repeat the exercise ten times, then rest. 
  • Armpit Opener – Let your arms to the sides, up and overhead, and then clap them at the top to stretch your chest region. Next, scratch the arms upward, and bend your elbows towards the back room to stretch and relax the armpits and chest. You can hold it stable for some minutes before freeing the arms. Repeat the exercise ten times, and you’ll feel relieved. 

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