Do Chiropractors Use Medicine?

Do Chiropractors Use Medicine?

Do Chiropractors Use Medicine

Do Chiropractors use or prescribe medicine? This particular question gets asked frequently more than you can imagine. The plane answer, for now, is no. Chiropractors do not use a medicine, and in most cases, they are forbidden from prescribing medication. So you might as well be wondering, how do chiropractors offer help since they don’t use or prescribe medicine?

Before we go into that question, let’s look into some statistics based on prescribing medication. Research made it clear that almost everyone has at least one medication they take. Also, it’s crucial to take note that no medication is not responsible for at least a single death annually. Hence, if these numbers are expounded, you should know the numbers of death they cause. 

One of the best ways to define chiropractic care is that it does not require medication or surgeries. Chiropractic care is all about the concept that when the body is aligned properly, it can heal and sustain itself.

Think about this, for instance, remember that last time you had an injury that bled for a while. Did you have to do anything special to stop that bleeding? Of course, the answer is no. Also, did you have to do something out of the ordinary to heal that wound? Again, no. Your body healed that wound all by itself.

This concept is similar to the concept of osteopathy when it originated in the 1800s, the same time chiropractic care originated. In the early 1900s, doctors of osteopathy were invited to prescribe medications in the ways of their medical colleagues.

As time went on, osteopaths went all in towards the conventional medical concept that uses prescriptions to treat almost everything that makes the body sick. As of now, just a little percentage of D.O.s make use of the spine and joint mobilization procedure, which is also the inspiration for their name. Chiropractors did not get invited to promote or prescribe medicine. Some Chiropractors would still like to prescribe medications, but on the other hand, a higher percentage of them do not want anything to do with it.

The following analysis is the key to why a lot of chiropractors refuse to use medicine to treat their patients. A medical report made available in July 2021, by the Institute of Medicine of the United States made it clear that the sum of 1.5 million Americans fell sick, injured, or died each year due to mistakes made during prescribing medication. The medical report stated that the errors can be both costly and fatal, as about $3.5 billion is spent every year on medication for drug-related illnesses, and about 7000 people die yearly due to medical errors.

Errors while prescribing medications are common. The report made it clear that a patient is likely to have a medication error each day the patient is hospitalized. Leaders of several medical fields are working towards minimizing these errors.


It is widely believed that medication has a crucial and outstanding role in healthcare, but is also, too heavily relied upon by patients. There is no single approach to health care that is fit for everyone, so we all must become aware of all available options and get to decide by ourselves which one is fit for us. However, that does not justify that we need to look around for options as it is not likely that a health practitioner has a vast knowledge of all medical fields. You should consider consulting a chiropractor if you feel like it’s the best option for you. If they are sensible enough, they should know when they can not cure everything and need to reach out to a medical team to come up with the best treatment.

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