Best Exercise for People with Bad Knees
Best Exercise for People with Bad Knees

A severe knee injury can stop you from moving your leg. Bad knees are injuries that can last for a lifetime. However, you have to keep moving to stop the pain. The movement restores functions, decreases pain, and strengthens the area. This article entails some exercises you can do to improve your bad knee. 

1. Walking

Walking is a simple and low-impact exercise. You need less stress with a bad knee, and walking strengthens the muscles. It starts with a slow and steady walk before going into high-intensity and long walks. You can begin five times a week to build up the muscles around the knee area simultaneously, help you lose weight, and reduce stress.

However, avoid walking on hard surfaces; instead, walk on grass or a track to lessen the impact. In addition, instead of using a treadmill, use an elliptical. 

2. Lateral Walk

The lateral walk will be practical if you feel knee pain when you squat. The act does not require a full squat but a quarter squat while reminding the benefits of exercising. To engage, 

  • Stay in a quarter squat position
  • Take big steps to the right
  • Take big steps to the left

The walk is a way to build butt and hip muscles, thus reducing bad knees. In addition, it builds the hip flexors and extensors to repair crooked knees. For effective results, use a resistance band above your knees or by the ankles to increase strength and flexibility.

3. Monster Walk

The monster walk is a back and front movement instead of side-to-side like in the lateral walk. To engage:

  • Stay in a quarter squat position
  • Take diagonal steps to the right with your right foot
  • Take diagonal steps to the left with your left foot
  • Return to the initial position and repeat

The exercise works on your hip flexors and extensors at the same item to build glute muscles. 

4. Donkey Kicks

Another best exercise for bad knees is donkey kicks. The exercise works on your glutes and hamstrings cores. To engage:

  • Start with hands and knees
  • Bend hands below shoulder and knees below hips
  • Raise your leg backward parallel to the floor
  • Repeat much time
  • Switch sides

The exercise straightens the knee, thus reducing bad knee pain.

5. Fire Hydrants

The donkey kicks and fire hydrants are similar exercises, but the latter focus more on stretching your hip flexors. To engage:

  • Stay in the same position as donkey kicks
  • Swing your leg to the side
  • Keep the thigh parallel to the floor

The exercise strengthens the knee core muscles.

6. Swimming

Swimming is an exercise that requires almost every part of the body, making it the best practice for bad knees. The activity is an excellent workout with low impact and high cardiac function. It is a fast way to burn calories, whether butterfly or backstroke. The effect of swimming is on core muscles, including the glutes, abdominals, and chest muscles. While you swim, you tend to straighten your legs which in turn stiffens the knee muscles. The impact is felt on the tendons and motion of the knees. It also impacts the hips flexors and extensors, reducing the stress on your knees.

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