Back To School Backpack Safety- What Your Kids Should Know About The Weight Of The Backpack

It is nearly impossible to be around your kids all the time to guide them on the proper ways to carry their backpack. As a parent who cares about the safety of their child, there are things that you could teach them about backpack safety that will come in handy even when you’re not around.

These tips will help them avoid muscle pains, save them from postural defects or even affect their overall functionality and mood.

That being said, below are some helpful tips to teach your kids now that it’s back to school season. 

Both Straps Should Be Worn At All Times 

Help your child understand the implication of wearing just one strap of their backpack on their shoulder. It is only natural for your child to want to carry their backpack that way if almost all the kids at school carry their backpacks with one strap only. 

Teach them about the implications of this on their body, posture, shoulder muscles and how it can affect their overall wellbeing. 

If the weight of the backpack is not evenly disbursed equally across both shoulders, it pulls down one shoulder and that is a health risk waiting to happen. If you’ve done well to educate your child on the importance of this carriage technique and you notice some stiffness around their neck or shoulder area, you should assess the type of backpack your child has and if it’s appropriate for their size and weight.

Backpacks Aren’t Storage Units For Everything

It is normal for children to instinctively stick everything in their backpacks. Studies have shown that children tend to want to carry everything they have or feel they might need in their backpack. The motivation here is harmless but, if not controlled, can pose a health risk for the child in due time. 

What you should do is educate your child on the importance of carrying only necessary items at a go. If it’s not needed for that day, it should not be in the backpack. In fact, it is recommended that you help your kids pack their backpack for school for the first few weeks of resumption. You can start this by simply asking questions like; do you need this today? Do you think it’s necessary to go with this today because you might not need it till Friday? 

Doing this helps you ensure they’re only carrying the necessities in their backpacks. 

Teach Them To Take Off Their Backpacks If They’re Standing Longer Than A Minute   

This is a pretty explanatory tip that you could teach your kid. In between classes, standing on the hallway or having a conversation with their best friend, they should cultivate the habit of taking the backpacks off while they stand or wait for the bus. 

In addition, teach your kid to always lift their backpacks the right way by lifting it from their knees in an upward manner while maintaining a balanced pose. This would prevent putting a strain on their back or shoulder. 

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