Why Do You Need More Than One Chiropractic Adjustment
Why Do You Need More Than One Chiropractic Adjustment?

If you’re suffering from structural imbalance, pain, and other comprehensive problems, a chiropractor adjustment might be what you need. Chiropractors provide all-around relief for people who are in pain or injured. However, a single session cannot comprise the full potential of the adjustment. That is why people keep asking why one session is not enough or why you must repeat it repeatedly. This article has legitimate reasons as to why the adjustment needs many sessions.


Chiropractic care is administered through spinal adjustment, which consists of many chiropractic adjustments. The session also depends if the patient has never had an adjustment or is new to the treatment. Multiple sessions are needed to reach the required degree of correcting the misalignment(s). They focus on solving the problem from the root instead of relying on the pain symptoms during treatment. This is the reason chiropractor care is suitable for alleviating biochemical instabilities.


Chiropractic adjustment treatment comes in several phases, each taking a different time depending on the severity and condition.

The first phase works on creating relief for the patient. This session is to relieve you of pain so you can enjoy your daily activities without pain or discomfort. The act may need daily or multiple weekly visits until the body no longer has the consistent pain you’re expressing. Generally, pain is the first symptom to appear and the first relief after chiropractic care. Due to this reason, the relief of pain is not the cure for the problem. 

The second phase is to correct the pain, regarding their focus on retraining the body to overcome a certain issue after dealing with the symptoms. Adjustment may or may not be frequently carried out during this phase. Instead, the chiropractor recommends exercises and stretches to improve recovery. The symptoms may flare up because the body has yet to recover from the condition fully. This phase could last for months, depending on the severity of the condition.

The final phase is the wellness phase. This phase is expected to impact total healing through routine care to avoid future problems. It consists of having a good diet and exercising to maintain a good body shape. This phase ensures that the musculoskeletal system is probably treated for a long-term effect.


A chiropractic adjustment’s effect is cumulative, requiring multiple visits to pop your body back to alignment. A single adjustment can relieve the discomfort caused by pain but may take over time to fully revive your body to full functioning. 


Preventive care is about well-being maintenance. Regular checkups are to prevent future problems from developing and to prevent future visits. If you still doubt the effect of multiple visits, remember that a single dose of medication cannot cure a medical condition. So the effect of the adjustment may be seen over time, not just in one visit.

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