5 Odd Things a Chiropractic Treatment Might Fix

5 Odd Things a Chiropractic Treatment Might Fix

Chiropractors are not only specialists in adjusting backaches, slipped discs, stiff necks, and whiplash injuries but can also be suitable for some ailments. The procedure is based on the myth that the mind can heal with the body, resulting in alleviating some medical issues. Here are five odd things chiropractic care can fix.

5 Odd Things a Chiropractic Treatment Might Fix

1. Migraines and tension headaches

Headaches affect nine of 10 Americans regularly or occasionally. Some experience dull and nagging aches, while others face severe pain and nausea. Pain medication may be the regular go-to option, but research has claimed that spinal manipulation is better. Chiropractic treatment is a great option to alleviate tension, migraines, and headaches. Research from Macquarie University claims that more than 72% of patients with these conditions experience pronounced or substantial relief after undergoing chiropractic care. These headaches often start from the neck and spread to the head, resulting from bad posture. The issue, if not treated, leads to irritation and tension on the upper neck, causing headaches.

2. Stress and anxiety

Stress is the primary cause of many illnesses. Stress triggers your fight or flight reaction, which affects the entire body. The reaction is stimulated by the hypothalamus action on the sympathetic nervous system leading to increased heartbeat, blood pressure and volume, and muscle tension. The condition continues to redirect blood from your digestive system to other organs. However, if the situation is left unattended, it can further lead to complicated health issues like diabetes, poor immune system, slow healing, infertility, and muscle tear.

A chiropractor’s business is with the spine, which is the center of the nervous system. The spine contains nerve impulses that connect to the brain and the entire body. The care is healthier and can manage the condition seamlessly.

3. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is an advanced disorder resulting in widespread pain and irritation in the musculoskeletal system. FM patients are diagnosed with 11 instead of 18 tender points on the body. Patients can also experience prolonged tiredness or deprived sleep and mood swings. Further complications caused by this situation include TMJ pain and dysfunction, autoimmune disease, bowel syndrome, and psychological issues.

The research discovered that people with fibromyalgia could be treated with a chiropractic adjustment. The procedure is mixed with a soft tissue treatment called ischemic compression to alleviate the disease.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility reduces as we grow older due to health issues and wear and tear caused by friction. However, decreased flexibility can lead to downward spiral disability such as pain, stiffness, and swellings. Chiropractic care will free the body, making it more flexible and able to withstand wear and tear.

5. Weak immune systems

The nervous system is linked with the immune system and endocrine system. These systems transmit messenger molecules to enable communication for optimal body responses, adaptation, and healing. Recently, it has been found that these messenger molecules are known as IL-2, early said to be located in the immune system, and are instead in the nervous system. This case can lead to spinal misalignments, which causes stress to the body leading to abnormal changes in immune system responses. 

Chiropractic care works on the immune system, thereby alleviating the stress hormone-blocking the immune system.

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