When Should You Go to the Doctor After an Accident?

When Should You Go To The Doctor After An Accident

When Should You Go to the Doctor After an Accident?

After thorough research, it has been reported that neck pain is mostly caused by accidents. Having happened in over 90,000 car crashes in the US annually. Oftentimes these injuries are partially or not attended to which can further result in life time pain, suffering and dysfunction. Keep reading to know when to see a doctor after an accident in West Linn.


As other parts of the body are held in position by the seat belt, the neck and head remain the most vulnerable part during an accident. During an impact, your neck and head remain in motion, the neck moves forward and back freely, strain sideways or can get in contact with other flying items. This uncontrollable movement can result in serious injuries to the joints, tissues, ligaments, muscles and even the spine.


When injuries caused during an accident are left untreated or partially treated can result in chronic pains and even system shutdown. These injuries caused during an accident are often ignored which will leave victims to suffer from whiplash-associated disorders (WAD) for a long time. This disorder can happen as severe neck and back pain, frequent headaches, cognitive issues, depression and anxiety.

If these injuries are not treated immediately can result in long-term symptoms and complications. This long-term complication such as severe back and neck pain can affect your entire body. These injuries can reduce your concentration in the office, complete stressful activities or sleep well. It can also result in loneliness and vexation, depression and anxiety.

When pain in the neck is getting severe, schedule an office visit.

  • Consult your doctor if you have neck pain that:
  • Continues with no relief after cases of self-care
  • Affect your arms or legs
  • Associated with chronic headache, anesthesia or shivering.

Seek emergency medical care

Call 911 or a friend to guide you to the emergency  room if you are suffering from chronic neck pain that's accompany with:

  • Traumatic injury; Often caused by car accidents, diving injury or falls.
  • Muscle weakness; Often affecting the arm or leg giving trouble walking is a symptom of other medical conditions.
  • High fever; Neck pain with a high fever can be a symptom of meningitis.

The impact or blow during the accident can cause a concussion, too. And concussion is a serious condition that requires a doctor.

To avoid any future circumstance of pain, brokenness and a condition, check in with your doctor after being involved in an accident. Whether you feel a sensation or not, see your doctor because pains can show after several days or weeks.

The right medical provider is also required in treating your injuries after an accident. You need a specialist that is trained and experienced in car crash injuries and treatments.

Contact out office for information on adjusting your neck or back after an injury or accident. Talk to us about your rights and how L&I or insurance can play a factor in your recovery. We offer chiropractic care and massage therapy in West Linn Oregon.