5 Causes of Back Pain and how to Relieve it

5 Causes of Back Pain in West Linn and How to Relieve it

Statistics show that 60% to 80% of adults in the States experience back pain at a certain age. This health issue is something reported to be a common medical condition in the US. This back pain can also be a symptom of other severe medical conditions in West Linn and have many causes.

Strains Can Cause Back Pain in West Linn

Strained muscles can be a result of heavy or incorrect lifting or sudden body twist. These little mistakes can lead to awful back pain. Starin can also come to play after a hard day’s work in the yard or after a fierce competition. All these are over-activities that stress the body.

Structural problems

Vertebras are a pile of bones that forms the spine. The space between the vertebrae is covered with tissue called disks. When any of this disk gets injured it can result in back pain. Sometimes the cause of the pain can be a bulge, herniated or ruptured in the disks.

Herniated disks come with severe pain. A bulging disk causes sciatica or irritation of the sciatic nerve.


Osteoporosis is a medical condition commonly caused by a loss in bone weight and size. This condition can cause small fractures in the spine. These small fractures can graduate to compression fractures which can result in severe back pain.


Lifting heavy weight or having a poor posture can affect your spine which is responsible for balancing the body. When extra work is placed on your back muscle can cause discomfort and back pain.


Inflammation is another way the body's immune system responds but can cause heat and pain. If the inflammation is a cause of injury or disease, then this can result in severe soreness in your spine.

How to Relieve it -

Severe back pain can be relieved using the following methods:

Physical Therapy

Consider exercise as the first treatment to take in case of severe back pain. This routine of exercise should be organized by your doctor and spine physical specialist. The exercises are scheduled according to your symptoms and conditions. This routine has to be effectively carried out to achieve success.


Me food contains so many trans fats, processed sugars and foods are highly inflammatory.  Check-in with your therapist to manage your diet. Keeping to an aerobicized weight can also help relieve back pain by mitigating the stress on the vertebra.

Alternative Treatments

Homeopathy, laser therapy, electrical nerve stimulation,  biofeedback therapy, massage, and other nonsurgical spine treatments also cure severe back pain. Consult your doctor to choose the right alternative treatment for a patient.

Pharmacologic Treatments

Analgesics, antibiotics, tranquilizers and other medications can also make a difference to severe back pain. However, prolonged use of these treatments can lead to adverse side effects.


Doctors only result in surgery as the last option for treating severe back pain. This treatment is usually prescribed for patients with structural abnormalities not responding to other forms of treatments. Surgery is the slight removal and replacement of disks and vertebrae to reduce pain caused by degenerative bone diseases.

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