Is Your Migraine Caused by Back Injury?

Is Your Migraine Caused by Back Injury in West Linn?

Is Your Migraine Caused by Back Injury

Migraines are neurological disorders that negatively affect the quality of life in a person. Patients in West Linn with migraine suffer poorer health and a remedy will make life easier. Migraine is caused by approximately 20 risk factors but the back injury was noticed as a primary cause of migraine.

Migraine headaches are accompanied by depletion. A handful of patients complain of having severe migraine after involving in an accident that led to back pain. The body uses millions of nerves to detect pain. The spinal cord which is located at the back is the center of the sequence.

Back injury and migraine in West Linn

Many doctors point out back pain to be related to carcinogenic headaches which are caused by pain in the neck or cervical spine. Back injury is caused by degeneration of the facet joints. When a damaged facet joint causes pain, the pain is interpreted as a migraine in the head. The facet joints are small and in pairs on the backbone. The damage of these joints can lead to a spine-related headache such as a migraine. A severe back injury can be as a result of;

The primary cause of back injury which triggers migraine or tension headache is arthritis or inflammation. These ailments of a facet joint cause secondary twists and tightness in the muscle which affects the base of the skull. The muscle is deprived of oxygen when it is tightened which restricts the range of movement and results in pain when forced. The pain moves up and over the head resulting in migraine. This is mostly experienced in older people.

Another cause of back injury is as a result of trauma. Trauma is mostly experienced by younger people involved in a hard fall or a car accident. Trauma causes injury in the joint either by causing slack in the joint capsule or damaging the cartilage in the joint. Any of these factors can result in severe back injure which is accompanied by many problems, including migraine.

Migraine triggers

Migraine can be triggered by many risk factors such as;

  • Certain food
  • Bright lights
  • Alcohol or smoking

The migraine can start once a week to three days a week. The more severe the back injury, the more migraines are experienced in a month. It is best to check your back injury by visiting the therapist which may involve injections to lower the risk of migraine.

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