5 Ways to Prevent and Treat a Migraine

5 Ways to Prevent and Treat a Migraine in West Linn

prevent and treat a migrain

Migraines in West Linn are not just severe headaches, they are also part of a neurological condition that comes with other known symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, etc.

Migraine headaches can be a chronic state of health that has a significant impact on our daily lives.

Several available medications can be used in treating or preventing migraines, and in this article, we will be going through some of these remedies.

Stay Away From Loud Noises And Bright Lights

Unpleasant loud noises and bright lights commonly trigger migraine headaches. These common triggers may be slightly difficult to avoid, but given that they occur in certain conditions and environments, you could help yourself by simply keeping off. These conditions may be driving at night, going to movie theaters, attending nightclubs, and glare from the noon sun.

Also, you should consider monitoring how much time you spend watching TV or staring at the computer screen, and reducing the brightness of your screens. Be attentive to all audio and visual noises, and ensure to stay away from them if you notice a migraine.

Take Supplements for Migraines in West Linn

Given that migraine headaches can be tamed with or without medication, it is also crucial to take in adequate nutrients. The intake of certain herbs and minerals could help in getting rid of migraine headaches. Magnesium deficiency has been proven to contribute to the trigger of migraine headaches, so the intake of supplements could help in minimizing the outburst of migraines. Consult your doctor about herbs and other supplements that help to ease symptoms of migraine.

Eat And Sleep Regularly

Constant skipping of meals can trigger the outburst of migraine headaches. At least, ensure you eat within an hour after waking up, and then every 3-4 hours. Hunger and being dehydrated are both causes of migraine headaches. Ensure you drink water regularly and never skip your meals.

Also, lack of adequate sleep can trigger symptoms, so ensure you get enough sleep of at least 7-8 hours. However, sleeping too much can also cause migraines, so avoid making up for lost sleep by sleeping too long.

Go For Relaxing Exercises

Exercising regularly is a crucial part of living a healthy life, however, high-impact exercises such as weight lifting can trigger the outburst of migraine.

Be attentive to your body's response and go for activities that are aimed at reducing stress without straining the body to the core, such as light aerobics, yoga, etc. Also, taking antiinflammatory pills before an exercise could help in easing the symptoms of migraine.

See A Trained Chiropractor

Most migraine patients rush to treat the symptoms as soon as they notice them instead of finding out the main cause of the migraine.

However, seeing a chiropractor is an all-natural migraine remedy that works perfectly. Chiropractic therapy uses mild manipulation of the spine to stimulate the nervous system, relieve pain, and get rid of the cause of the migraine.

If you constantly experience migraine headaches and seek a new means of treatment, consider seeing a chiropractor.


Trying to abstain from your triggers and planning forward are crucial parts of controlling your migraine. By taming them earlier, you can avoid the yet-to-come severities.

We all need to consult a doctor or migraine specialist to find a treatment that works perfectly, even as you try natural treatments.

Finally, keeping a migraine journal is useful and can come in handy in identifying triggers and effective treatment for migraine headaches.