What Conditions Do Massage Therapists Treat?

What Conditions Do Massage Therapists Treat in West Linn?

Massage therapy in West Linn is a branch of the medical profession where professionals are trained towards the treatment of anomalies brought on a patient by a disease, injury, or disability. A Massage Therapist is particularly trained in knowledge and experience towards the physiotherapy process. Largely, the process involves physical examinations, prognosis, diagnosis, and the general maintenance of mobility and bodily functions. Psychotherapy is also aimed at promoting general physical activity.

What Conditions Do Physical Therapists Treat?To get a better grip on the whole concept, those who work in massage therapy can be situated across various institutions ranging from clinics, hospitals, health facilities, rehab centers, research institutes, schools, universities, medical colleges, chiropractic clinics, sports centers, gyms, governmental organizations and many more.

As a patient therefore you can expect to get treatment administered on you in terms of massage therapy in line with the following

  • Relevant Physical examination; because of how peculiar patients' medical cases can be, there is the need to administer the right of examination to figure what the health state warranting therapy truly looks like.
  • Establish a prognosis and develop a plan for care that could either be long-term or short-term depending on the need of the condition.
  • So therapy will be geared towards achieving the required needs of the condition and administered accordingly.
  • Further recommendations can then be made towards self-management.

Several conditions are treated under massage therapy and each one is peculiar in the form of therapy it undergoes. To further clarify, the conditions will be grouped into broad types for better understanding. There is a fine line between physical therapy and massage therapy and also what a chiropractor does. Many of these issues below may be treated with:

Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Treatment/ Therapy: This kind of treatment is meant for those who have undergone surgical procedures or have existing cardiopulmonary conditions. The aim here is to generally improve body stamina and endurance.

What Conditions Do Physical Therapists Treat?Orthopedic Therapy: Treatment here is aimed at recovering from muscular and skeletal injuries. It largely involves the bones, ligaments, and muscles. It is most suitable for conditions of sprains, fracture, bursitis, full recovery from orthopedic surgery.

Neurological Therapy: As the name signifies, this is a therapy that involves conditions of the brain. The treatment is geared at helping patients living with neurological disorders. Conditions like this include brain injuries, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson's disease.

Paediatric Therapy: This form of therapy aims at treating conditions in children and infants. It could be such as growth delays, cerebral palsy, torticollis as well as other conditions affecting the muscle and skeletal system.

Pelvic Floor Therapy: Treatment in this line would involve conditions around the pelvic region. Examples include; urinary incontinence, pelvic pains, fecal incontinence, complications from surgery.

Vestibular Therapy: The goal is to attend to all conditions relating to the inner ear. As it is responsible for maintaining body structure balance and coordination. This could involve a wide range of exercises and other manual practice.

So as you see, the treatments involved in Massage Therapy are not at all one way. Treatments can be pretty diverse and are mostly tailored towards the specific needs of the physical and health condition.

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