Exercising The Mind: The Theory Of Left Brain vs. Right Brain Dominance

Exercising The Mind: The Theory Of Left Brain vs. Right Brain Dominance

Medical science is constantly evolving. Concepts regarding health and biological function that were once thought to be true are no longer supported. One such misconception from the past is the left versus right brain theory. While the idea is still engrained in popular culture, psychologists, neuroscientists and other authorities on the brain have all but discredited the notion of a strictly dichotomous brain. Instead, current thinking is that while particular activity is at times higher in certain critical regions, both hemispheres are typically more or less equal [SS1] in their activity. Below is a brief look into this school of thought on left and right brain dominance.

For instance, learning a new language is reported to exercise the left hemisphere, while singing strengthens the right. Yet both these activities rely on reading, for song lyrics and for studying the language in its written form. Such reading activates both sides simultaneously and works to boost brain performance in its entirety. While it’s been determined that hemispheric dominance varies with activities and from person to person, more research is required to fully understand our most complex organ.

For additional brain-boosting exercises, along with a side-by-side comparison of the left and right brain, please see the accompanying resource.

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