Can Children Use a Chiropractor

Can Children Use a Chiropractor in West Linn?

Most body functions depend on the nervous system, making the spine a delicate place to care for. While in the belly or during giving birth, the movement of the baby is irregular and disturbed. In both cases, the help of a West Linn chiropractor is needed to make adjustments to fix any misalignment. Even when the child looks strong, a chiropractor is required to prevent any future condition.

How Chiropractic Adjustments Benefit Children in West Linn

The nervous system is in charge of the body's function, which means any irregular movement of the nerves connecting the spinal cord to the brain might lead to subluxation. This condition affects the body's organs or system. Other children might face digestion problems. The chiropractor's care will adjust and align the body, allowing it to heal itself. This case has made it wise to check up with a chiropractor to ensure the growth and health of your child. This care is needed by children mainly when used as a preventive measure rather than a cure to a problem.

Below are some other cases a chiropractor will be needed for.


Colic is when a child continues to cry constantly after trying out every measure to calm the child. The cause of colic is still unknown. But it suspected that subluxation might be an active cause. A chiropractor's care will free these subluxations, ease the pain and reduce crying in your child.

Acid Reflux

Many acid refluxes resulting in spitting and pain in your child. Changing your diet and other things can help reduce acid flux in your child. However, this case can also be caused by misalignment of the spine leading to poor digestion in your child. A chiropractor's care will help arrange and align the spine, correcting the digestive system letting up the acid flux.

Ear Infections

Many children experience ear infections in their childhood. This can cause pain, discomfort, and cry in a child. This frequent ear infection is a result of inner ear misalignment. By consulting a chiropractor, the care will align the muscle in the neck and shoulder, adequately putting the inner ear in its position. This will reduce the frequent occurrence and sternness of the ear infection.

Strep Throat

Strep throat is another case a chiropractor can treat. This case is faced by children exposed to germs or failure in the immune system. This condition is called streptococcus.  Chiropractic care will reduce the occurrence of this infection and, at the same time, repair the immune system. This means fewer medications and fewer absences from school.


The spine is expected to grow as the body does. However, this growth can result in a curvature spin. When overlooked, the case can further braces for your child and sometimes surgery to fix the curvature. A chiropractor's care will help minimize the risk as well as treat minor scoliosis curvature. This care will improve your child's posture.

Sports Injuries

Sports are fun for children. As older they get, the more intense the sport. This can affect the skeletal system and muscles resulting in sports injuries. Children facing sports injuries such as sprains and strains can be sidelined for weeks. Chiropractic care will reduce the days of recovery, strengthen their muscles and prevent future injuries.

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